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September 2016


Read this article and find out how I became a fashion designer.

You will also find a lot of answers to general questions about my background, my motivation, my vision and much more...

Thank you all for your support.

Spring /Summer 2016 collection!

Dashiki Maxi Skirt
From 59,00 €
Dashiki Skirt
From 25,00 €
From 29,00 €
Moja 3
From 25,00 €
Moja 2
From 25,00 €
Ruffle Top Bikini
From 49,00 €
Peplum Top Bikini
From 49,00 €
Ankara Maxi skirt
From 59,00 €
Head Wrap
From 11,90 €

Oriwo-Design has been showcasing it's products at


18th June 2016
African Women in Europe Conference 2016 Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf Germany


25th June 2016

The African Village Event, Basel, Switzerland. Lots of Fun, Food & Fashion for The whole Family.

Fall / Winter 2015 collection

docklandFASHIONparty impressions

Dress to impress - dress to make your day i love what i do

Beautiful handmade outfits for that special occasion & also for every day.

We offer a line of different outfits for children and adults.

Designed with love and intuition, tailored in our workshop in Hamburg - Germany. Nothing from the shelf. Every piece is handcrafted with the intention to create something beautiful.

The idea is to make you love your outfit. Oriwo-design aims to put the customer in a positive spirit. That leads to make your day and makes you love yourself.  And that's why we love what we do...

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