Boubou & a Maxi Skirt

Have you ever seen an outfit for the first time & knew immediately that you had to get it? Well that was what happened the minute that I lay my eyes on this 'Outfit' at the Dockland Fashion Show 2015. This amazing Top was designed & made by a talented Designer here in Hamburg, & when I approached her to ask her if I could buy it, imagine my joy when she offered to make me one, for free. I combined it with black leggings & heels for a friend's wedding but on this day, I decided to style it with an Ankara Maxi Skirt to give it even more volume, just as recommended by the Designer. So many people complimented me on the outfit as were taking these Photos, it's something different but I totally love it.

The Design is inspired by the grand Boubou/bubu, a flowing wide sleeved robe traditionally worn by men in West Africa, and to a lesser extent in  North Africa. But it has increasingly become popular in all parts of Africa & even styled by women because of it's 'ceremonial' look & comfortability.

Wish you all a blessed week & a lovely week ahead.

Boubou             Meme Designs

Maxi Skirt         oriwo-design

Shoes                Thrifted

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