'Art of the Brick' Exhibition in Hamburg

Lawyer turned Artist, Nathan Sawaya resigned from his successful Law career and began to build famous Artworks using LEGO Bricks.


The thinking man

His first Exhibition was at the Lancaster Art Museum which he designed, created & produced alone. His Exhibitions continued to develop in the following years & could be viewed in different countries all over the world.

Described as 'One of CNN's Top 10 ''must-see'' Global Exhibitions, it was amazing experience for both Adults & children to attend during it's Tour here in Hamburg. With more than 1Million LEGO Bricks & 100 forms of Artwork, it attracted many visitors including Udo Lindenberg (one of Germany's famous Musicians), whose Potrait was also shown.

TThis Exhibition is real proof that no matter how big our Dreams are, it is important to take that first risky leap of faith in order to find out if they can be a Reality.



'Masks have been used by just about every Culture on the Planet to keep things hiddden & present the World with the face we want them to see. I build Mask as a reflection of revealing our true selves. So often we put on a different face for one's audience that we can no longer identify our own self. Mask identifies the facade we hide behind.'


'Sometimes life gets so busy & there is so much going on in your Head that it would be nice to be able to lift it off, empty out all the clutter andre-place ready to take on the Day.'


'Whatever your hiddden desires, there will always be hands to hold you back. Life's challenge is to find the strength to escape from those chains. I created this sculpture as an answer to all those who have told me ''No'' to my Face. I wanted to detach myself from these People.'


'Taking a leap is hard. I used to be a lawyer. There was nothing wrong with being a lawyer, but i always knew there was another me, an Artist Me, lurking inside. Then One day i decided to let the Artist in me out, & i never looked back.'


'What will lift you up? Love? Faith? Success? And once you are raised up, where is it that you go? The idea of Ascension, going to a higher place without first experiencing death, is something i wanted to explore. Where is it that you believe you'll go?


'Yellow is probably my most famous work. It has always been popular among adults & children alike. Why? I think adults mainly value the catharic effect that opening oneself to the World may have on one's mind. And children? Probably  because of the yellow guts spreading out on the floor! They think it's cool! For me, this work evokes the metamorphosis I underwent in the course of my wanderings.'


'Micky; the ageless pop Culture icon, & to me he represents a golden age. A time of my youth where talking mice & temperamental ducks filled my Saturday mornings with laughter & joy. I wanted to gift some of that feeling back to the people who visit & see this piece.'


'Swim against the current!
Follow your own path!
Find the Courage within!'
'Loss, along with Love, is one of the most recurring themes in my Art. Here I've tried to capture it in a new medium, LEGO bricks. This particular sculpture was inspired from a sad story I was told by a parent. After learning of the story, I began working on this sculpture right away, finishing it almost 2 months later.
'This piece is literally my nightmare. My hands are my most important tool. Hands took 3 weeks to create & I used over 15,000 bricks to create it.'


'When children want to be invisible, they simply hold their hands over their eyes making it so that they can't see the World. Then they reason that the World can't see them either. Sometimes in our darker times we keep using this trick, even when we grow up.


'Celebrate difference. If everybody looked & was the same it wouldn't be a very interesting world, would it? So which shape are you? And which colour? The circle, square & triangle are the fundamental building blocks of all things. And the colour red, blue & yellow are the primary colours of our World.'



'This is one of the largest sculptures I have ever made. It took an entire summer to build & nearly drove me crazy trying to make it work. After seeing so many kids flock to my first solo Exhibition, I wanted to give back something & create a sculpture that children would enjoy. What is better than a dinosaur?
Seated Buddha 
Udo Lindenberg
Mona Lisa
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'Art makes better humans,

art is necessary in understanding the World &

art makes people happy.

Undeniably, art is not optional.


Nathan Sawaya

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