From bed and straight to the streets

''Are you sure that you are dressed to go out?'' That’s what Hubby asked me as I stood at the door ready to leave the house. ''Why?'',I replied, pretending not to know what he meant. He went along to 'enlighten' me on the fact that I had on a Pyjama shirt & in his words, ''House slippers'' on🤦🏾‍♀️.

Oh well, I actually do love my 'well-thought out' Outfit, otherwise I wouldn’t be sharing it with you guys & putting myself in a ridiculing position, would I.

  • Shirt                          Part of a Pyjama set that I thrifted (H&M), love this printed set too
  • Jeans                        H&M, similar here
  • Necklace                  H&M, love this here too
  • Jacket                      Ebay, love this here
  • Earrings                   DIY, similar here
  • Shoes                       Ergo, inspired by these here
  • Bag                           Gift from Kenya, similar here

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