Cold Start

Happy New Year! I heard that there is a certain deadline to using this phrase in the year, but we don't always have to play by the rules. Hope that you all crossed well & safe into the new year. I definitely did even though things have been a bit quiet here on my Blog. Somehow, I experienced a 'Blog-freeze' which can only be described as a lack of motivation to keep my Blog updated. But thankfully I am back & hope that  things will get even more interesting as we go along the year.


Wishing you all a lovely start of the week & remember to stay warm (for those of my readers who live on this side of the hemisphere).

  • Skirt                            Made by me(as seen on this previous post) & will be available here on my website soon
  • Heels                          Ebay, similar
  • Rollneck pullover    H&M, option 
  • Faux-fur Stole         Part of a thrifted Zara blazer, option
  • Earrings                    Bought in Kenya, option