My name is Florence Oriwo, the creative force behind Oriwo-design & this Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle Blog. I am a Hamburg based Kenyan Fashion Designer, wife, mother, Accountant, Entrepreneur but Fashion Design, Art, Travel & all things creative is my passion.


I started my Blog as an outlet to connect with my clients & share my Outfits, experience, knowledge of Fashion & beyond. Fashion has always been something very personal to me and I wish to use this platform to not only inspire, but also to challenge & hopefully connect with my audience. I have always had a passion for fashion & I've been designing & making my own clothes ever since since I could use a needle & thread. After getting so many compliments & requests for outfits from my friends, I finally decided to create 'Oriwo-Design', my own Fashion Company in April 2014 whose main aim ist to make available ready to wear African Fashion but with a modern twist. And with it came the idea of starting a Blog where I could share not only how I integrate my designs into my day to day but also to share with my readers my love for Travel & Lifestyle related topics.