01. September 2022
I can't believe that we are already in September (why do I feel like I say that every single time a new month begins)? Where is the year running to? As I type this, am running late for work & am absolutely tired & yet it's not even midday. Am just not getting enough sleep & I can feel the exhaustion slowly creeping up on me. My workload has increased 1000x in the last couple of months because of taking in more clients & more employees on my other business venture. There is just...
17. August 2022
Am extremely pleased to have my pieces at the 'Afroschick' Pop up Shop in Hamburg for the next couple of months. It feels great to see our ideas come so nicely together & it makes the 'blood, sweat & tears' all worth it. We are part of the 100+ Artists displaying their work at the former Karstadt Sport building next to the Hamburg Central Station. JUBILEE 4th Floor, Mönkebergstrasse 2-4, 20095 Hamburg
14. August 2022
Am wondering if there is an SI Unit for Happiness? SI Unit(The International System of Units which is a measurement used for scientific and technical work). Like when studies are done to find out where the happiest people live in the world, are they able to quantitate the levels of happiness? Or is it done on a scale of 1 to 10 like one of my favorite Podcasters & Authors, 'Demetria L.Lucas' does (with a '10' Day to mean a very good day & a lower number to represent a terrible day)? I...
03. August 2022
Hope that you are enjoying the Summer & the lovely weather that it has brought with it. Am loving it, as evidently seen on my smile on most photos. Am doing good, great actually, loving where I am at mentally at the moment & just taking it all in.
26. June 2022
Merriam-Webster defines a ''calling' as ''...a strong inner impulse towards a particular course of action especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence.'' What is my calling or how do I discover my true calling? That's a question that I am often asked by people. I assume because it is because I carry myself like someone who has found theirs' & is living it. If you ask me what my calling is, I would probably say it is in doing anything which allows me to make use of my...
18. June 2022
It's unbelieveable that the 5 ofus, from left Tabitha of Tabatap Fashion, Maseho Art, Abigael (Art_by_abiagbede), Donata Burmester of Afroschick & Abby Soul (not in the picture) as the UKUBONA Creative Sisters Nord were able to organise the first Group Exhibition by black German Artists here in Hamburg for a whole month. Thank you to the 'Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft' for the support & to everyone who was able to come for the exhibition, thank you so much. Below are a few of the...
01. June 2022
Does speaking at 1 Event make you a 'Speaker'? In my not so humble opinion I say yes it does. My name is Florence Oriwo, a serial Entrepreneuer & Speaker. That is my official introductory greeting as from now henceforth. Am really loving this phase of my life, things are falling into place, not suddenly but because of the years of hard work & dedication that I have put in. And am more than ready & willing to share my journey with the world. Thank you to 'Maame Dentaa Amoo' & the...
23. March 2022
Just dropping by to let you guys know that am alive & doing fine. What's more time consuming than running one business..*hint (running 2 businesses). I cannot complain about the sudden growth that we have experienced, am very grateful infact. I guess that I just need to get used to the increased workload & work out how to handle these new horizons. I do hope that you are all doing fine & also thriving.
02. February 2022
Happy New Year 2022! Am back with a bang (well, kind of), so we are just going to skip all the formalities & get right back to it. This blog title is inspired by the title of a performance play that I recently had the honor of watching last weekend. 'M.Bassy' organizes really interesting exhibitions & this is the first one that I attended this year. A performance by the talented Bermudian born artist 'Sea Novaa' who not only plays music, but is also an artist & also wrote the play...
25. November 2021
'Minimalism' to me means intentionality which is basically choosing what I allow & bring into my life & making sure that these things (or individuals) add value into my life. Even minimalists too shop when they need/ want something. How do I go about this? Here are a few tips that I use as a form of guidance: (PS: Afroschick is having its Black Friday Sales with uptown a 30% price reduction so if you've been eyeing any of my pieces, please check them out.).

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