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21. May 2020
''Oooops, I did it again...' I added another year to my age. Am greatful for another year, for health (in a very big way this year), for family, loved ones, am just greatful. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me!
05. March 2020
I was recently invited to a party by a friend (actually a lady that I work for who has since become a friend). I really wanted to wear something handmade & even had an idea in my head of a dress with some African print & fringes to make it fun. It was a house party & there would be some 'Swing & Jazz' music, so I thought that 'Fringe' would make a perfect addition to my outfit because of it's movement & flirt-ability (does that word even make sense)! There's this dress that...
15. January 2020
Happy New Year guys & welcome back to my Blog. I know it's like the third of week of January & this is only my first blog of 2020...sorry guys, Life happens. So, here it is, a Travel blog from my last trip of 2019 to Vienna, Austria. This was my first time ever to visit Vienna & I am still in awe of how beautiful the city is. So much to see, enjoy and do for visitors of all ages & all year round. I will definately be visiting it again sometime in Summer to enjoy what the city...