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31. May 2019
I would be lying if I wrote that I travelled to the 'The Hague' just to attend the 'African Women in Europe' annual conference. It was actually a pre-birthday gift to myself & a chance to visit somewhere new, do something different or even meet new people. And I got to do all 3, 'The Hague' is beautiful & is definitely worth another visit.
28. September 2017
I knew that I was to attend the African Women in Europe Awards Ceremony in Berlin last weekend which was to take place at the NH Hotel in Alexanderplatz. But somehow because of having too much things to do, we forgot to book a room at the hotel where the event was taking place. And by the time we realized the mistake, the NH Hotel was fully booked for that weekend. So after googling, we found the New Berlin Hotel, also situated in the Alexanderplatz & managed to book ourselves a room there....
19. June 2016
The African Women in Europe Conference is held once a Year in different cities in Europe with an aim to bring together women from all over Africa who live, work or are based in Europe. This is a Forum which provides them with an opportunity for them to meet & discuss various issues affecting them, how they can deal with such issues & to generally enjoy each others' company while learning about something new in the process.