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04. November 2018
Sometime back in October, I had a great opportunity to meet & connect with amazing black business women entrepreneurs in Berlin for a fun-filled evening & networking event. This event happened to also coincide with the official launch of 'MyUrbanology', an online platform whose aim is to shine a light on the strengths & strides of people, especially people of color who are doing their thing & positively making an impact not only on the people around them but also online & to...
28. September 2017
I knew that I was to attend the African Women in Europe Awards Ceremony in Berlin last weekend which was to take place at the NH Hotel in Alexanderplatz. But somehow because of having too much things to do, we forgot to book a room at the hotel where the event was taking place. And by the time we realized the mistake, the NH Hotel was fully booked for that weekend. So after googling, we found the New Berlin Hotel, also situated in the Alexanderplatz & managed to book ourselves a room there....
09. September 2017
Saudi Sol Live Performance in Berlin during their Europe Tour
04. July 2017
Fun facts about the Parliament: The open & inviting architecture has vast glazed facades which enable visitors to look over the shoulders of Members of Parliament at work in their offices. It's exterior constructed between 1884 & 1894 by the architect Paul Wallot, has remained largely unchanged. It is energy efficient in several ways such as, the cone-shaped funnel that extends from the cupola of the building into the plenary chamber reflects glare-free daylight into the chamber through...
05. October 2016
'Anytime women come together with a collective intention, it's a powerful thing.' O-Shun One of the seven African Powers. The Goddess of love and abundance. The power of desire is hers and she often uses this power to transfer. She is beauty, laughter & generosity. The erotic is her sacrament. She is often compared to Aphrodite and is identified with the portrayal of our lady of Caridad. O-Shun likes to heal hurt with love and plants seeds of change in people.