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28. October 2020
So, a little update on my '52 books a year' reading goal...16 down, 36 to go. And what a variety of books that I have been able to read (listen to) in the last 2 months. Romance galore courtesy of 'Talia Hibbert' in her 3-book series (the final one is coming out soon & I can't wait to listen to it too). Biographies which are not really my thing, but 'Steve Jobs' & 'Candice Brathwaite' have succeeded in changing my mind. A subtle reminder that Racism was & is still ongoing in our...
11. December 2019
Wait a minute, who is this! Yes, it's me, am back (well, kind of...). These past few weeks have been crazy, lots of work, fun times, stressful moments. But all in all, am grateful to be doing well, growing both spiritually & mentally, surrounding myself with positive energy, letting go of old baggage & just simply blossoming. Hope that you are all doing well too.
23. October 2019
A love story between 2 Kenyan girls in a society that does not recognise same sex relationship is what this film is all about. 'Rafiki' means 'Friends' in Swahili & that's exactly how the relationship between the 2 starts. This is the first Kenyan film to ever be screened at the 'Cannes Film Festival', a film that was banned in it's own country of origin (the ban was lifted for 7 days to allow the public to watch the film after it created waves in Cannes). 'Rafiki' was one of the many films...
11. October 2019
Growing up back home in Kenya, I remember playing Monopoly with my siblings, it was one of the only indoor games that we owned (the other ones being 'Chess' & 'Snakes & Ladders'). I believe that it was my older brother who got it for us & we really enjoyed 'buying & selling property' in London. Somehow years later, the names 'Waterloo, King Cross Station, Liverpool, Victoria....' are all still stuck in my head & what a experience it was to see & walk through these...
19. April 2019
Am taking a well deserved trip to Leipzig for a few days & I thought that I should share with you a few photos & experiences that I make here. I prefer this instead of waiting until I get back home where I will be overwhelmed again with work & life that I won't even be able to compile a good blogpost, if any at all. This is my first time visiting Leipzig & am very excited to experience the city & all it's beauty. I hope that you will enjoy the journey with me. I wiish you...
22. February 2019
'Not every opportunity or person that knocks on your door should be let in.' I read this quote somewhere some time back & funnily enough it is only now that am really getting its meaning. At times you pray & actually wish that a certain opportunity should come your way & the excitement that you feel when this happens is unbelievable. But for some crazy reason, you miss the right time to grab the opportunity & you sadly have to watch it slip way. And after going through the '5...
30. January 2019
Somebody pinch me! Ok, that's the feeling that I've been having ever since I received a phone call to let me know that I had won the 'afrika!Community Award in the 'Business Category' late last year. This is not the first award that I have won but this is special because it came at a time when I was dealing with some self-doubt as a business owner, which I wrote about here.
09. December 2018
'Remain in Light' is originally an album by the American Rock Band 'Talking Heads' which has been covered by 'Angélique Kidjo'. I had the opportunity to sample a bit of the amazing tunes at her live performance in the Elbphilarmonie in Hamburg. In her own words, 'it's not cultural appropriation but cultural diversification' as she channels the original beats in her own way by using Afrobeat & a choir to transform the fearful texture of the songs into a soulful warmth. She additionally...
14. June 2018
'When women get together as a group, it is immensely powerful' Annie Lennox
12. January 2018
Another black & white combination that I like but with some pops of color to inspire you to pull out your classic white shirt for the day or even night out. The leopard print boots edged everything out while the 'dashiki' print headwrap ties the whole look together (notice what I did there :-))

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