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23. October 2019
A love story between 2 Kenyan girls in a society that does not recognise same sex relationship is what this film is all about. 'Rafiki' means 'Friends' in Swahili & that's exactly how the relationship between the 2 starts. This is the first Kenyan film to ever be screened at the 'Cannes Film Festival', a film that was banned in it's own country of origin (the ban was lifted for 7 days to allow the public to watch the film after it created waves in Cannes). 'Rafiki' was one of the many films...
03. September 2019
What have you done recently that was out of your comfort zone, or simply something new? I went golfing with a friend...yes, you read it right, Golfing! The 'PWGT 2019', is an annual golfing event organized by 'Provinzperle', an event location & organiser based in Lüneburg for a good cause. It takes place at the the posh St. Dionyser Golf Club. I have never been to a Golf Club before, I mean in Kenya there is one in almost every city but unless you belong to a certain 'class' in the...
25. April 2019
I should already be in bed by now but here I am, wide awake as I type this special Blogpost. It's not just any normal day for me because my baby boy is turning 5 years today. Typing it makes it feel even more real & maybe reading this a couple of times will help me get used to the idea that I have a 5 year old son! Going through the photos & videos that I've made of him through the years bring back such beautiful memories which in turn make me feel so grateful to have him in my...
30. January 2019
Somebody pinch me! Ok, that's the feeling that I've been having ever since I received a phone call to let me know that I had won the 'afrika!Community Award in the 'Business Category' late last year. This is not the first award that I have won but this is special because it came at a time when I was dealing with some self-doubt as a business owner, which I wrote about here.
27. January 2019
''...I became her, the person I was supposed to be, but that isn't me...'' Ella is 38, she is in a relationship with Johnny, lives in a small house & works for an Insurance company. On Sundays they have barbecues with their neighbors, on Mondays they go to work, they sometimes have sex, most of the time it is planned & they also have plans to have kids in the future, sometime. They have plans to build their own house, she doesn't enjoy her job anymore, but that's how it is with...
09. December 2018
'Remain in Light' is originally an album by the American Rock Band 'Talking Heads' which has been covered by 'Angélique Kidjo'. I had the opportunity to sample a bit of the amazing tunes at her live performance in the Elbphilarmonie in Hamburg. In her own words, 'it's not cultural appropriation but cultural diversification' as she channels the original beats in her own way by using Afrobeat & a choir to transform the fearful texture of the songs into a soulful warmth. She additionally...
04. November 2018
Sometime back in October, I had a great opportunity to meet & connect with amazing black business women entrepreneurs in Berlin for a fun-filled evening & networking event. This event happened to also coincide with the official launch of 'MyUrbanology', an online platform whose aim is to shine a light on the strengths & strides of people, especially people of color who are doing their thing & positively making an impact not only on the people around them but also online & to...
01. August 2018
This is a Subscription box created especially for women with curly hair with specially curated products not only for hair but also for the skin. I ordered the 'Nafrobox Spring Edition' back in May & I have finally managed to film a Product review on my Youtube channel with a special-guest, my daughter. This box is basically a gift to ourselves & we love it & will definitely be gifting ourselves the next edition.
14. June 2018
'When women get together as a group, it is immensely powerful' Annie Lennox
15. May 2018
It was an amazing opportunity to be one of the designers who dressed the beautiful contestants of the Miss Kenya-Germany 2018 that was held last weekend in Frankfurt.

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