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25. March 2021
I could list 100 reasons why you & I should buy local & support small businesses but of course me being a black & female entrepreneuer makes my opinion totally biased. But even so, I still feel like it's my obligation to remind us all of some of the reasons to 'buy small & local', not only now, but every single day;
29. August 2020
Finally, the 'Khanga Zetu' Collection is ready for sale & available exlusively on the newly launched online store 'Afroschick'. This has been an almost 4 year journey for me as an individual but also for 'Oriwo Design' as a brand. I remember the first time I received this 'Kisutu' Fabric as a gift from a dear friend of mine & immediately fell in love with it. I designed & made 2 pieces from it, a skirt that I wore 'here' & the ruffle shirt that Donata of 'Afroschick' wore here....