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27. November 2017
Have you ever wondered how 'food' in the future should look like? What are the effects that might arise from our current eating habits & especially in view of the ever decreasing natural resources on our planet at the moment? These are some of the questions that this Exhibition aimed to raise while challenging the global Food Industry on developing changes in as fas as Climate change, water shortages, hunger, poverty, overproduction, food wastage, hygiene & health, nature &...
23. March 2017
Sports has had a great influence on Fashion in the past as we see more Designers creating sport inspired pieces. We not only see stars walking the red carpet in shorts, sneakers & jogging pants being office-appropriate but also Football coaches & their teams wearing custom-made suits. With approximately 150 articles of clothing, prints, posters, photographs & films, the Exhibition at the Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe Hamburg (MKG) attempts to shed light on the development of...
13. August 2016
Who would have thought that attending an Exhibition all about 'Sneakers' would be so interesting. I am not exactly a 'Sneaker/Sport shoes Fan' even though i have to admit that they are the most comfortable shoes ever made. But walking through the Exhibition & reading all about the history & development of this 'Kult' in the last years was really impressive.