Available fabrics for shop products

Unless we are out of stock, we are able to produce the products which are particulary marked with different fabrics.

See below a range of available fabrics. If you choose one of the fabrics below, we are happy to use it for your order. Just allow a couple of days extra time for manufactoring in your favorite fabric.

Supreme Holland Wax

Supreme Holland Wax is a well known & established Holland/Dutch Wax brand that is rich in quality and unique in design range. If you are looking for a good quality wax print at a reasonable price , then look no further.

Supreme Holland Wax SPR711

Supreme Holland Wax SPR666

Supreme Holland Wax SPR710

Julius Dutch Wax

Julius Dutch Wax – Julius is well known brand in West Africa. With the factory based in Holland, Julius is famous for quality and design and always strive for an innovative approach to new patterns and motifs.

Julius Dutch Block Wax JBW345

Julius Dutch Block Wax JBW347a

Angelina Wax Print

Angelina Wax Print from Ghana. The name 'Angelina' has its roots in Ghana, actually named after a popular hit song in the late seventies. People began referring to the printed fabric as 'Angelina'. If you have always wondered why they call it 'Angelina', this is the story behind.

Note: The lenght of this design is appr. 1,5 yards. We can use it for long skirts and dresses only. Also this fabrics are imported from Ghana, stock is limited and due to changes. Means, we might not be able to re-order the same designs.

AWP 60199 dark brown

APW 60199 light red

AWP 60199 light brown

APW 60199 red

Julius Holland. A variation of Vlisco fabric.

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