This right here defines me & what I believe in...


What makes an Entrepreneur?

''The ability of a person to see a business opportunity, to get together the capital needed to take advantage of the opportunity, and to start a business, taking the risks of failure in the hope of reaping the rewards of success.''


                                                                                                                Koontz & Fulmer                                                                                           

            Pop up Store

             Jubilee Building (4th Floor)

             Formerly Karstadt Sport

                 Mönkebergstrasse 2-4,

              20095 Hamburg

Join me this Thursday, 5th of May at 1pm for this online Masterclass as I share my story with these amazing women;


  • Angie Gifford, Senior Vice President EMEA, Meta
  • Mateja Mögen, Editor-in-Chief, Freundin
  • Vanessa Frank, Founder, Darling Little Place

Attendance is Free of Charge, all you have to do is register using the link below or join via Facebook Events.


Am so excited (& nervous & scared)!