Tastes & styles change as the years go by and I feel like this collection is allowing me to move into the next phase of my Fashion design journey by giving me permission to explore what is to come next. I love prints, always have, always will. So in honor of that love, I decided to create my own print. It started out as my own 'fingerprint' but I found that to be a bit 'self-obsessive',  so together with the team at 'Grapes Pattern Bank' based in Lagos and under the creative direction of 'Adebusola Ekoko', the 'Identime print' was created.


As an artist, whenever you create anything and share it with the world, it almost always means that you are sharing a piece of you with everyone who comes into contact with it. So this collection is me, 'literally' putting myself out there into the world.

The collection is made up of 2 Maxi slip dresses, a trouser coord set, a mixed print kimono and a scarf that comes in 2 different sizes.


The collection is available on AFROSCHICK on a preorder basis.