'Bring your Child to Work' Week

I know this Post is going to come as a surprise to all of you because it is a total turn from my the normally 'Fashion' Posts, but just read bear with me. For the 3rd week running the Child Care providers in the state owned Kindergarten here in Germany have been on strike. And it seems as if they are not planning on going back to work soon.

This means that my daughter, and all other affected children have been staying home for this period of time. Fortunately, the Kindergarten had organised for 'Notdienst' (Emergency Childcare) for Kids whose parents work and we were lucky to get space for her for 2 weeks. But as from this week, she couldn't be taken care of and that means, she stays home until the Strike ends (hopefully soon). Luckily for us, my Son is in a different private Kindergarten which is not on strike, so he still attends Daycare. My daugher comes with me to work and I have to entertain her while I try to finish up my orders (an almost impossible Task).

Now this is one of the moments when i wish that I didn't live so far away from home, at least I wouldn't miss having someone to watch my baby while we go to work. Life here is pretty good, we enjoy good Infrastructure, Employment opportunities, great Healthcare & Social system, but what they don't tell you about is how difficult it is to raise Kids here. The care of Kids is wholly left to the Parents, any other substitute has to be paid for, and believe me it is damn expensive. Unless you are lucky to have Family around, then you have to do it all on your own.

I partially concur with the Childcare Providers when they demand for more acknowledgment for the additional care that they provide on top of their normal work, and also a 10% Salary raise. The State is refusing to acknowledge their demands and now there is a deadlock. But as the saying goes, ''Where 2 Heifers fight, it is the grass that suffers...'', and our Kids are suffering. They miss the routine, their friends & all the activities that they usually have in Kindergarten. And how are we supposed to earn a living and pay our Taxes when we cannot work. Aaaaaaarhhhh...#taking a deep breath

Checking on production.

Let's pray that a solution will be found and the Kids can go back to Kindergarten, and I can work in peace.

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