Celebrating Victories (no matter how small)

I've always been the type of person who somehow never really celebrates achievements. Don't get me wrong, of course when something positive happens in my life, I will 'stand high on a mountain & scream out in joy & gratitude' (all this happens mostly on the inside). But I never let myself really savour the moment & actually really celebrate the victory because often times than not, am already focusing my vision & energy onto the next challenge. I guess that this is as a result of having an in-born drive to always do better.


But with age comes wisdom & am now slowly learning to take my time & just live in the moment, laugh, dance, congratulate myself for even the smallest victories & to remind myself time & time again, ''Flo, you've worked hard for this & you deserve it''. It might be something as small as losing an inch or two on my waist measurements (a goal & not a reality) or completing an order, I will celebrate the victory.

  • Dress                          DIY, option
  • Boots                          Gifted (H&M), option
  • Fannypack                Piccard (thrifted), option