Out Out

I remember when we were advised/requested to stay home at the beginning of the Pandemic so as to contain the spread the disease, I promised myself that if the situation ever improved, I would spend all the free time I had outside. So when the opportunity arose, trust me I went all out & took a short trip to 'Marschacht', a charming little area on the shores of the Alster River & had a beautiful day there. I took a walk along the river bank, had something to eat & simply enjoyed the fresh air & the 'newfound' freedom. Isn't it funny how you appreciate the simplest things in life when they are not there anymore. We learn every day!

  • Dress              Previously worn here, is old Zara & thrifted, similar here
  • Sandals           Birkenstock, similar
  • Bag                 Gifted, soon available on 'Afroschick'
  • Necklace        Gifted, 'Noelani Hawaii', similar