SI Unit for Happiness

Am wondering if there is an SI Unit for Happiness? SI Unit(The International System of Units which is a measurement used for scientific and technical work).  Like when studies are done to find out where the happiest people live in the world, are they able to quantitate the levels of happiness? Or is it done on a scale of 1 to 10 like one of my favorite Podcasters & Authors, 'Demetria L.Lucas' does (with a '10' Day to mean a very good day & a lower number to represent a terrible day)?


I have been having consecutive '10' days for a while which am relishing as much as I can. This is a much welcomed change from the '3-5' days that I had since around 2020 when the Pandemic hit the world. I am not afraid to admit that I was not doing well mentally, something that almost everyone underwent during that time. But I am grateful for the progress that I have been able to make through Therapy, Coaching, installing boundaries, re-finding my purpose & actively pursuing a life full of joy. 


I love where I am right now & am hoping to stay here for as long as I possibly can.


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