In the last week, I've had a lot of time to really think things through & get a new perspecive into life as a whole. With all the different things that go on in our lives - career, family, responsibility, finances & emotional burdens, we often find our focus shifting from the important things and onto petty stuff. That's why it's good to take some time off to re-think things out & just prioritise. As always, let's put God first & focus on him & slowly you will realise how he changes your perspective & shows you the really important things like family, health & just being happy while having positive thoughts.


My outfit on this post what I wore to my hubby's birthday earlier this month, which we celebrated by attending church together, going for lunch at our favourite restaurant before making a picnick at Hamburg Stadtpark. The outfit was inspired by a photo of this outfit posted by Beauty J'adore, who is one of my favourite bloggers. I used some white curtain that we bought some time back from IKEA but never got round to using. It was just lying so I thought, why not put in into better use, so I changed the top design a little by lowering the peplum part & adding sleeves. I was a bit scared about an all white outfit making me look like someone working in the health sector, but I kind of like the way it turned out. With some African accessories, the Headwrap that I shared on this previous Post, which is part of my upcoming line of Headwraps, the outfit came out quite nicely. I also made outfits for hubby & the kids to match my outfit. Here are a few pictures.

Wish you all a 'Well Focused' week.


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    Hagen Warnholz (Sunday, 30 August 2015 10:27)


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    Maryanne (Sunday, 30 August 2015 22:39)

    Freeing your mind and soul. Focus on important things in life. Ordering and reordering your life list from priorities to options. Life they say is a roller coster I believe life is what you as an individual makes it to be.Focus on the best side and positivity and so you'll live a positive fair life. Drill your sight on the bad and negative things the potrait results will just be that.I believe I live because he still has a purpose with me and so every single morning when I wake up and I can breathe, I knock at his door, to him our loving Father above..I seek him and ask him...and let him take control.For I know he is able and more than able.