Braving the cold weather

No matter how many Fall & Winters you experience, the first snowy day always feels like the coldest day that you have ever experienced in your life, well for me anyway. It snowed for the first Time this Autumn on Sunday & I thought to myself, why not bring out my Faux Fur Coat. I didn't own one (yet) so I made one instead. I'd bought some faux fur fabric on EBay a few weeks ago to make a Faux fur clutch but when the Package arrived, the fabric turned out to be  bigger than I had expected. So I decided to make a coat that I had longed for for quite some time.

Sewing it wasn't as easy as I had imagined because the 'Hairs' (is that how they are reffered to?) were strewn all over my sewing room. By the Time I was done, it looked like something had exploded in there, Thank God for vaccum cleaners. I like how it turned out even though I kind of look like a Yeti (do those creatures really exist?), but it's warm & looks very 'expensive' & store-bought.

I combined it with an all Black Outfit & thigh high Boots to keep most Focus on the coat. Am not so sure if I will wear the coat on a normal day just because of how easy it  gets dirty but it will definately be making a comeback on the Blog during this Winter. Wish you all a lovely week.

Fau Fur Coat               DIY
Faux Fur Fabric           Ebay
Tshirt                            Local Botique (men's section), something close here & here
Leggings                      H&M (old)  Love these & these are really affordable
Boots                            Local Botique     Check these out
Sunglasses                  H&M (old)   

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