Book Review: The Woman in the Mirror

Have you ever read a book & felt as if you were watching a film? Yes, that's the feeling that I got when reading 'The Woman in the Window' by A.J. Finn. Am not such a big fan of thriller based books but since I got back to 'Audible', I've been pushing myself to try out new genres & this book did not disappoint me at all. It's full of twists, turns & suspence that one expects from a psychological thriller. Narrated by Anna Fox, a former child psychologist living in a big house in NYC, suffers from Agoraphobia & is fascinated by spying on her neighbors. We also get to know that she is married (but also separated) from Ed & together they have a daughter called Olivia. Apart from her online friends on the 'Agora Help Group', she develops a new friendship with one of the new neighbors who has just moved in across the street. Then suddenly, strange things start to happen which make her question her sanity & her grip on her own living situation. 


This book is itself a 'page turner' (which in my case means that I didn't want to stop listening to) as I rushed to reached to the end of it. Very well written & I definitely recommend it.