The Last Supper

I miss dressing up to go out for Dinner,

I miss putting on make-up to to hide my 'flaws',

I miss picking out my outfit & accessories days in advance,

I miss looking at the the weather forecast & praying that the weather gods play along with my outfit choice,

I miss car doors & restaurant doors being held open for me,

I miss the Maitre d' recognising my name (well, why wouldn't he, I made the reservations)

I miss reading out dishes on the menu that I cannot even pronounce,

I miss saying yes to glasses of wine whose years of production I don't care about,

I miss staring at the wide array of cutlery & trying to figure out which one to pick first,

I miss the random conversations,

I miss seeing new people around me (of course at a social distance),

But what I miss the most is eating food prepared by someone else!