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14. December 2020
I, together with Donata Burmester of 'AfroSchick' were recently invited for an Interview on one of Hamburg's local Internet TV Stations, 'TIDE Hamburg' as guests on the 'Burudika Show', a show that highlights the Art & Music Scene in East Africa. The show presented by 'Carol K.' shines a light on the various ongoings by Artists & Musicians from East Africa based both on the continent & in the Diaspora & we both got a chance to talk more about our experiences as female...
05. October 2020
The BLACK BUSINESS DINNER founded by 'Africa Food Festival Berlin' brings together Entrepreneurs, Mentors & individuals with interesting networks together at one table, in a relaxed atmosphere to offer them a chance to get to know each other, interact & mix up their different positive energies. I had the pleasure to attend the 2nd edition last week in Berlin. This was my first 'real' networking Event since the Pandemic struck & oh boy, was I excited. It felt good to go on the train...
11. December 2019
Wait a minute, who is this! Yes, it's me, am back (well, kind of...). These past few weeks have been crazy, lots of work, fun times, stressful moments. But all in all, am grateful to be doing well, growing both spiritually & mentally, surrounding myself with positive energy, letting go of old baggage & just simply blossoming. Hope that you are all doing well too.
20. January 2017
That is my new year resolution for the year 2017 as far as Oriwo-Design is concerned. The ever rising costs of producing here in Europe is what is causing most entreprenuers & especially Fashion designers to seek other production options in Africa & Asia. As pictured below, there are so many talented & hardworking tailors in Kenya who have years of experience in the trade but because of limited funds, they are confined to their small spaces with no way of fulfilling their dreams of...
19. September 2016
With more than 300,000 African immigrants living in Germany & a good number of them running successful businesses which contribute to the economical success of this country, an Event in Hamburg to celebrate them was definately worth attending.