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25. March 2021
I could list 100 reasons why you & I should buy local & support small businesses but of course me being a black & female entrepreneuer makes my opinion totally biased. But even so, I still feel like it's my obligation to remind us all of some of the reasons to 'buy small & local', not only now, but every single day;
20. January 2017
That is my new year resolution for the year 2017 as far as Oriwo-Design is concerned. The ever rising costs of producing here in Europe is what is causing most entreprenuers & especially Fashion designers to seek other production options in Africa & Asia. As pictured below, there are so many talented & hardworking tailors in Kenya who have years of experience in the trade but because of limited funds, they are confined to their small spaces with no way of fulfilling their dreams of...
19. September 2016
With more than 300,000 African immigrants living in Germany & a good number of them running successful businesses which contribute to the economical success of this country, an Event in Hamburg to celebrate them was definately worth attending.
05. September 2016
It reaches a point in every small scale Business' or Entreprenuer's existence where there is a need to have an increased level in Sales. When you start any Business, every single order that you receive is a milestone that is greatly appreciated. But for any Business to succeed, there needs to be a constant flow of such orders to ensure a continuity in production which in turn means a continued existence for the Ā“Business.