Street Style

It has been raining quite a lot in the last few weeks so waterproof shoes have definately been a requirement. I've had these 'Timberland inspired' boots for over 4 years & they always come to my rescue when it's cold & rainy. When i bought them they were a light shade of brown in colour which was quite difficult to maintain seeing that they are worn when the ground isn't exactly dry. So, I dyed them to the darker shade that they are now & this has been quite practical. I like the way they are edgy and add a certain 'masculinity' to any outfit but still be stylish at the same time & that's why I pair them a lot with girly outfits like with this Ankara print shirt that I love. And did I mention how comfortable they are?

  • Shirt                 DIY, a ruffled version is available here on my website
  • Jeans              H&M, similar available here
  • Boots              Local Boutique, but these here are on my wishlist
  • Scarf               Gifted, love this here
  • Bag                 Bought this in Kenya (as seen in this previous post), similar available here

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