Sun, Sand, Sea & Burgers

Amazing weather, wonderful company & the tastiest burgers ever, what more could I ask for to celebrate Mothers' Day. There was a Television feature about a Marine Professor who moved to Kiel from the US & then opened a Restaurant where the best burgers are served. The restaurant, 'John's Burger' situated in the Gutenbergstaße 16, Kiel looks quite simple from the outside whith a 'New York' style sign at the entrance. But when one comes in, the ambience is quite warm, friendly & fun & we were offered the menus & pens which we were to use to make our orders by marking what we wanted & writing our names on the menus. When our orders were ready, it felt quite nice to be served by name. The food was terrific which is expected because every single ingredient that is used is fresh & locally grown.


After that tasty meal, we then drove to the beach at Laboe where we sat down & enjoyed the lovely seaside breeze as the kids played in the water.

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