Mondays & Starting all over again

There are many times when we make plans & strategize on how we are going to achieve goals that we had set, but then suddenly something goes wrong somewhere & we are thrown off our 'goal-path'. And in as much as such blows are hard to handle & they make us feel like just throwing in the towel & forgetting all about what we had looked forward to. We somehow wake up on Monday mornings, pick up the pieces that are left & face up to the reality that we just stumbled, but we didn't fall. And we ought to be grateful to be alive & to be given another chance to 'fight another day'.


Happy Monday guys!

  • Blazer                          Old (H&M), option
  • Trouser                        Old (H&M), option
  • Sheer top                    DIY, option here
  • Peplum belt                DIY
  • Boots                           Thrifted (Zara), option

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