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25. March 2021
I could list 100 reasons why you & I should buy local & support small businesses but of course me being a black & female entrepreneuer makes my opinion totally biased. But even so, I still feel like it's my obligation to remind us all of some of the reasons to 'buy small & local', not only now, but every single day;
02. November 2020
''Do I invest more into my business or do I save my resources just in case the current situation goes on longer?'' Many Entrepreneurs (myself included) are finding themselves 'caught between a rock & a hard place' at the moment with the current financial situation that the Pandemic has brought about. For me, it's the not knowing how long this will go on & not having like a particular 'end date' for which I can plan for. And in as much as I as a creative person like to freestyle in most...
15. October 2020
One minute you have everything under control, 'Everything' (well, almost everything) is going as planned & then suddenly, ''Whoosh'', just like that it all changes. And of course, if there's anything that 2020 has tried to teach us, it's that even the 'best laid out plans' also fail. The best that we can do is to try to be flexible in how we respond to such sudden changes. I know, easier said than done. This is me & all my 4 emotions that I experience every single day of my life as an...
05. March 2020
I was recently invited to a party by a friend (actually a lady that I work for who has since become a friend). I really wanted to wear something handmade & even had an idea in my head of a dress with some African print & fringes to make it fun. It was a house party & there would be some 'Swing & Jazz' music, so I thought that 'Fringe' would make a perfect addition to my outfit because of it's movement & flirt-ability (does that word even make sense)! There's this dress that...
18. August 2019
'If at first you dont succeed, dust yourself off & try again, you can dust it off & try again' The quote isn't from me but from a song from the late 'Aaliyah' that I have been singing most of my adult life but failed to apply to my life when needed. I mean, how many times has life dealt you a wrong hand & you simply decided to give up on whatever it was that wasn't working, relationship, job, business...? Am guilty as charged & even though there are some instances when that...
14. February 2019
Today is Valentine's Day (Yeeeeaaaah), & a very special day for a hopeless romantic like me. Who else wears red religiously on Valentines Day, or at least tries to? Well, I am guilty as charged, no 14th of February since I can remember has ever gone by without me putting on something red & I have enough eveidence to support that claim, here, here, here & here & here :-). And even when the weather is sometimes so tricky, that's where red accessories come in, like this amazing red...
13. February 2019
Uneven grounds just like uneven hemlines must be cleverly tackled. Pieces of clothing with Asymmetrical hemlines can be tricky to pull off but when done correctly, I think they bring out the fun in every single outfit. And that tactic also applies in life when you find yourself on uneven grounds; you have to be very careful when planning on your next move. You either tread very carefully or you don't make a single move & stay safe (something I often find myself doing). A very cowardly...
07. August 2018
Flowy dresses are an essential for Summer & this year's Summer sure is hot. So I imagined myself in such a dress with my hair flowing in the wind & enjoying the summer breeze with a fruity cocktail in my hand. But there's a change of plot here, there's no hair flowing in the wind because I just did another 'Big Chop'. It still needs some time taking used to but am loving it especially during this crazy hot weather.
25. June 2018
Oh yes am back after a short hiatus here on the Blog, & no, I don't have any concrete excuse for my abscence. Life sometimes just happens & you get completely caught up in it. I felt like wearing a simple midi-skirt so I went ahead & made myself one with this fabric that has been lying around in my Fabric-stash for years. I also made a matching crop top but that will make its 'Blog-appearance' some other time. Hope that you are all well & am glad to be back.
15. May 2018
It was an amazing opportunity to be one of the designers who dressed the beautiful contestants of the Miss Kenya-Germany 2018 that was held last weekend in Frankfurt.

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