Casually Looking Back

Everyone & almost all quotes tell us to leave the past behind us. I am a big believer in that but I think to every rule, there is an exception & in this context (Fashion), there is much to be learnt from the past. Like for example, 'Hammer/Harem pants', this is a piece of clothing that has existed since the era of 'Aladdin' (I know that he's not real, but stay with me on this one). And when you move along you will see it being quite 'in' in the 1990's, as I clearly remember watching in music videos of MC Hammer (from whom I believe the name originates from). And truth be told, they are one of the comfiest pair of pants that I own & am not regretting at all going back into the past to 'get them'.

  • Pants                            Bought them at an African Festival in Köln, option
  • Top                                Old (Local Boutique), option
  • Belt bag                       Clutch that was a gift from my Mom, option
  • Jacket                          Ebay, also available here
  • Sunglasses                 H&M, option
  • Hoop Earrings           Old (very old), option
  • Boots                           Local Boutique, option

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