Black History Month 2018


'Less Talk, More Action'


We got another opportunity this year to celebrate our 'Blackness' thanks to the wonderful people who work so hard to organize the celebration that is 'Black History Month' in February. First & foremost, 'THANK YOU SO MUCH' to the whole 'Black History Month Hamburg' for the amazing job that you do every year. This is my 2nd year attending your functions & am more than impressed by the whole array of events & activities that you guys manage to put together.


There is always so much talk online about 'being black' & all the issues & challenges that we face everyday especially while living here in the diaspora & of course we get an opportunity to talk about what we can do about such issues. The discussions are always great & they go a long way in creating awareness to the world & that is something that we are grateful to the digital world for. But I have decided to go one step ahead & to be physically present during these discussions. It's not only about knowing who we are & talking about it, it's also about doing something about our history, attending events, supporting black owned businesses which to me goes a long way in 'making our history'. 

This Event was organized by Elaine Thomas, a Jazz & Blues Singer, Actress & Writer based in Hamburg.