Coachella Vibes

The recently held 'Coachella Festival' has been the talk of town in most online forums of the media. Everywhere you read or look there's an article, picture or post about the annually held Music & Arts Festival. I was unable to attend this year's Festival due to some conflicting schedules that involved work & family :-), but who is to say that you cannot have your own Coachella wherever you are. My favourite Kimono, tshirt dress, statement earrings, a flowerband & a miniature Ferris wheel later & I already felt like I was part of the great experience. 


If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. 

  • Kimono                               Thrifted (Zara), option
  • Earrings                              Available here in my shop
  • Dress                                   H&M, option
  • Socks                                   Adidas, option
  • Shoes                                  H&M, option
  • Waistbag                            Thrifted (Picard), option