'Jamborai'-BTS (Behind the scenes Photoshoot)

So it's finally online, my 2nd online shop that carries Hair & Accessories is now officially opened. This has literally taken me months to plan & to organize & costed me so many sleepless nights too. And despite all thateffort, I still felt that it was not really complete in the way that I wanted, so I kept on postponing launching it day after day. But then I realized that all I have is now, it's now or never. So, here it is, 'Jamborai' is now open, take a look & if there is anything that you see that you like, simply add it to your shopping cart & enjoy it. Thank you all so much to everyone who has been instrumental to me on this journey, you all know yourselves & I owe you all so much.

  • Stylist                         Donata Burmester
  • Photographer          Franklin Aduda
  • Model                         Abigael
  • MUA                           Lena