Fighting ‘Self-Doubt‘

In our everyday lives we encounter constant self-doubt before we embark on & also during any journey or experience. And such journeys include entrepreneurship where you are forced to second-guess every single decision that you make. Somehow there is always a small voice that creates fear & inaction in you by telling you that you cannot 'do it' or that you are doomed to fail. 


And in as much as this voice continues to speak to you, there is also a bigger voice full of encouragement that pushes you to keep on going by reminding you of all the battles that you have won & all the fears that you have overcome thus far.

I am grateful to have not only loved ones who speak encouragement into my life every single day but also for people & organizations that reach out to entrepreneurs like me to not only honor us but to also let us know that we are doing a great job & someone out there is 'rooting for us'.

And that ladies & gentlemen, is how I fight 'Self-Doubt'.

  • Culottes                                    Made by me, option
  • Socks                                         (Adidas) Deichman, option
  • Shoes                                         H&M, option
  • Coat                                           Made by me, inspired by this one here
  • T-shirt                                        H&M, option here
  • Bag                                             Bought at a souvenir shop on my trip here