'Hallo Ella', a Journey of Self-discovery

''...I became her, the person I was supposed to be, but that isn't me...''


Ella is 38, she is in a relationship with Johnny, lives in a small house & works for an Insurance company. On Sundays they have barbecues with their neighbors, on Mondays they go to work, they sometimes have sex, most of the time it is planned & they also have plans to have kids in the future, sometime. They have plans to build their own house, she doesn't enjoy her job anymore, but that's how it is with everyone's job...


...who am I, how do I like my eggs, why haven't I realized how deaf I am, why have I never smoked before, do I really want kids, , why am I stuck in this life, how do I answer all these questions?


This play attempts to address an age-old dilemna that many women face. They sit in silence & accept the card that life hands them. They don't feel anything anymore, they feel lost in their lives, following patterns because they feel that they must. Ella decides to go on a journey of self-discovery...


My friends & I had the opportunity to attend the premier of this amazing solo performance by 'Dayan Kodua', a beautifully written play by Denise Stellmann on Friday at the 'Hamburger Sprechwerk'. There were 2 more performances this weekend & I hope that more will follow because it is one worth watching.


  • Slip Dress                          Thrifted, option
  • Headwrap                         Own design
  • Poloneck jumper             Thrifted, option
  • Boots                                  Görtz, option