'Caruso a Cuba', a night at the Opera

This is a story about love, an 'interracial love' to be precise, the fear of losing a new-found love, the fear for one's own life, a belief in the super-natural world, death threats, going against the 'oracle' to pursue a love that you believe in, a hope for a shared future, the start of a family in light of the unborn child....all this encompassed in a musical atmosphere. This enchanting story written by 'Micha Hamel',  performed by some of the most beautiful voices that I have ever heard & all this accompanied by an amazing Orchestra was a truly befitting first time experience for me at an Opera. Oh, & the venue 'The Dutch National Opera & Ballet' in Amsterdam was to die for, luxurious stairways adorned with gold & rich carpets, with walls full of paintings & pictures of legends which made you feel like you were walking through an Art gallery & not forgetting a modern restaurant situated on the ground floor with very nice food & service. I found myself doing my best to walk & carry myself gracefully throughout the night in an attempt to not only 'fit in' but to also honor & pay homage to the creativity & cultured vibe that I felt at the location. 


And the cherry on top of the cake was that the soloist in the play is a beautiful black woman, 'Jeanine  De Bique'. 

  • Slip dress                             Thrifted, option
  • Clutch                                   My make-up bag (I forgot to pack one)
  • Heels                                    Deichman, option
  • Scarf                                     Gifted, option