Try Again

'If at first you dont succeed, dust yourself  off & try again, you can dust it off & try again'


The quote isn't from me but from a song from the late 'Aaliyah' that I have been singing most of my adult life but failed to apply to my life when needed. I mean, how many times has life dealt you a wrong hand & you simply decided to give up on whatever it was that wasn't working, relationship, job, business...? Am guilty as charged & even though there are some instances when that seemed like the right thing to do (& sometimes the only option available), I have decided that 'Oriwo-design' will not be one of these decisions!

My dear friend Donata of 'AfroSchick' organised an amazing presentation at the 'Museum Lüneburg' as part of her 'Crowdfunding' campaign & I was more than honored to play a part in it. I mean, can I even say no to building up a fellow black woman entrepreneur...? #womensupportingwomen