Black Lives Matter

Someone recently labeled the current happenings in regards to the protests against Police Brutality & sheer Racism that has been taking place all over the world as a 'Black Lives Matter' moment'. A white Fashion & Lifestyle blogger who I follow & whose content I actually like. She then went ahead & corrected her statement & called it a 'Movement' instead of a 'Moment'. But you know what, the damage was already done because her viewing it as a 'passing thing' is exactly how in my opinion, most white people view Racism. Because it's something that doesn't have any impact on them, they choose to not only ignore it  but also condone it in their silence. 

RIP George Floyd & all the other victims of Racism.


Dear White People, the danger of the 'I don't see Color' mentality include:

  • It allows you to ignore the complexities of racial issues.
  • You are not actively dismantling your own prejudices (we all have them).
  • It minimizes the struggles of POC (People of Color) in today's society.
  • It limits your ability to appreciate Individualism.
  • You can't fix something you can't see.

If you are wondering how to be an ally, apply the 'Anatomy of an Ally':

  • A mouth to speak against injustice.
  • A nose to sniff out implicit Bias.
  • Eyes to identify privilege.
  • Ears to listen to the POC experiences.
  • A heart to cultivate empathy for the oppressed.
  • Hands to take action & make a change.

And to my fellow POCs, let's diversify in our daily lives by taking inventory of our inclusivity in:

  • Our inner circle & friendships
  • The leaders that we learn from
  • Our place of worship
  • Our beauty standards 
  • The toys we buy our kids
  • The businesses that we patronize.

Let not the deaths of our departed brothers & sisters be in vain, LET'S STOP RACISM!


Inspired by 'Danielle Coke