Mixed Emotions

One minute you have everything under control, 'Everything' (well, almost everything) is going as planned & then suddenly, ''Whoosh'', just like that it all changes. And of course, if there's anything that 2020 has tried to teach us, it's that even the 'best laid out plans' also fail. The best that we can do is to try to be flexible in how we respond to such sudden changes. I know, easier said than done. 


This is me & all my 4 emotions that I experience every single day of my life as an Entrepreneur. 'Satisfaction, Elation, Surprise, & Worry'. For example, earlier this week, my friend Donata of 'AfroSchick' on whose shop my 'Khanga Zetu Collection' is available for sale, calls me to let me know that over 10 orders have come in for one of the pieces. First reaction, 'Surprise', 10 orders in one day, what! Then 'Elation', this is so crazy but also so amazing. Then I felt very 'Satisfied' that all the hard work & decisons that I(we) had made were finally starting to pay off. But then 'Worry' starts to set in, because Donata lets me know that the 'Duruma Ruffle Top' is currently sold out & she even has to return money to some clients who has already placed their orders. That means that somehow I have to find a way put a rush on the production of more pieces so that I do not fail my customers.


I am trying my best to be flexible but first I have to learn to allow myself to feel all the mixed emotions because each one of them is important. By letting ourselves feel the emotions we get to find a way of working through them & then of course react accordingly to them. So from now henceforth, I am not skipping any emotion that comes my way no matter how unexpected it is. I am going to take it all in while also continuing to be flexible in my reactions to changes.