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23. March 2022
Just dropping by to let you guys know that am alive & doing fine. What's more time consuming than running one business..*hint (running 2 businesses). I cannot complain about the sudden growth that we have experienced, am very grateful infact. I guess that I just need to get used to the increased workload & work out how to handle these new horizons. I do hope that you are all doing fine & also thriving.
02. November 2020
''Do I invest more into my business or do I save my resources just in case the current situation goes on longer?'' Many Entrepreneurs (myself included) are finding themselves 'caught between a rock & a hard place' at the moment with the current financial situation that the Pandemic has brought about. For me, it's the not knowing how long this will go on & not having like a particular 'end date' for which I can plan for. And in as much as I as a creative person like to freestyle in most...
15. October 2020
One minute you have everything under control, 'Everything' (well, almost everything) is going as planned & then suddenly, ''Whoosh'', just like that it all changes. And of course, if there's anything that 2020 has tried to teach us, it's that even the 'best laid out plans' also fail. The best that we can do is to try to be flexible in how we respond to such sudden changes. I know, easier said than done. This is me & all my 4 emotions that I experience every single day of my life as an...
30. October 2017
'Women who support each other are confident, generous, visionaries'........Mariela Dabbah This is an exhibition & market founded by Cleopatra Hänsen which aims to bring together talented women who are also business owners to give them an opportunity to showcase their products. It takes place a couple of times in a year & I was able to attend the last one this year for the first time.