Surging On

''Do I invest more into my business or do I save my resources just in case the current situation goes on longer?''


Many Entrepreneurs (myself included) are finding themselves 'caught between a rock & a hard place' at the moment with the current financial situation that the Pandemic has brought about. For me, it's the not knowing how long this will go on & not having like a particular 'end date' for which I can plan for. And in as much as I as a creative person like to freestyle in most of my decisions, I still like the structure that planning & dates give me. Things like deadlines give me an adrenaline rush as I work & give all that I have to reach a certain goal. But at the moment, things are just 'hanging' there & nobody can see a 'light at the end of this tunnel' & this is certainly troubling for me. 


But you know what they say about 'stagnant waters'...By the time you hear me complaining about a situation, I have most of the time already made a decision to do something about it, which in this case is to forge on. Below are some images documenting 'Phase 2' of the production of the 'Khanga Zetu Collection' as I try to beat my 'inner deadlines'.