Reflections (Things to stop expecting from myself)

  • Stop expecting my life to be easy. Life is not easy for everyone (well, not all the time anyway), we all experience major challenges & that does not mean that we are doing it wrong. 
  • Stop expecting myself to be able to manage more than I have the capacity to cope with. I need to learn to set boundaries not only for others but for myself too. Learn to stop taking on too much & reacting in shock or shame when I can't do it all. I literally don't need to do it all, nobody does.
  • Stop expecting myself to constantly be in a process of productivity & achievement. I will not be constantly moving the goal post. This is a recipe for burnout. i need to learn to celebrate my achievements & prioritize repair & resolution after I finish a project. My worth is not dependant on my capacity to create or compete.
  • I should stop expecting my experience to be the same as someone else's. Stop comparing myself to someone else's life, ability or exterior. One, I don't actually know what their experience is like. Two, we are different people with different histories. It's not a fair or accurate comparison. 
  • Stop expecting myself to move through major pain, grief & other life challenges quickly & or with ease. Recovery & repair takes a long time. It's something that happens on an ongoing basis throughout the course of my entire life. And also, not letting anyone rush me into recovery, I am going to take my sweet sweet time.
  • Stop expecting to be good at something when I've just began. I don't have to be an expert at everything. Infact, learning is integral to being alive. Live FLO, just live. 
  • Stop expecting to be my best self all the time. It's just not possible nor is it necessary. That means not beating myself up when I make a mistake, underperform or decide to ignore or procrastinate.
  • Stop expecting perfection. I understand this but the surprise & shame that I experience when I make a mistake suggests otherwise.

But most important of all...'Be easy on myself, my body, mind & soul.'