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18. June 2022
It's unbelieveable that the 5 ofus, from left Tabitha of Tabatap Fashion, Maseho Art, Abigael (Art_by_abiagbede), Donata Burmester of Afroschick & Abby Soul (not in the picture) as the UKUBONA Creative Sisters Nord were able to organise the first Group Exhibition by black German Artists here in Hamburg for a whole month. Thank you to the 'Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft' for the support & to everyone who was able to come for the exhibition, thank you so much. Below are a few of the...
02. September 2020
Yes, another lovely surprise was in store for me all thanks to the 'Hamburger Sparkasse' Bank & of course 'AfroSchick'. Our recently launched 'Khanga Zetu' Collection was exhibited for 2 weeks at the bank's branch on Fuhlsbüttler Straße & I finally got a chance to go & see it. I was beyond thrilled to see this and am very greatful for the representation that really matters not just to me as a Black Female Entrepreneur but also as a long term client of this Bank. I apologize for...
28. March 2018
If you are into movies like I am then am sure that you have watched a few where the character finds himself entering some sort of flying object & being transferred into a parallel world that he never knew existed. And that's exactly how I felt when I attended the recently ended 'Basel World 2018', an Exhibition for the Watches & Jewelry industry that takes place every year in Spring. Manufacturers of Watches, Jewelry & precious stones take this opportunity to introduce their new...
30. October 2017
'Women who support each other are confident, generous, visionaries'........Mariela Dabbah This is an exhibition & market founded by Cleopatra Hänsen which aims to bring together talented women who are also business owners to give them an opportunity to showcase their products. It takes place a couple of times in a year & I was able to attend the last one this year for the first time.
30. October 2016
So Band tshirts were originally sold at specific Band concerts as part of their merchandise and were worn by their fans to show off a shared idealogy with the band or movement. But in the recent years, it has gained much popularity to a point that now it is being worn for how it looks than for the music.
13. August 2016
Who would have thought that attending an Exhibition all about 'Sneakers' would be so interesting. I am not exactly a 'Sneaker/Sport shoes Fan' even though i have to admit that they are the most comfortable shoes ever made. But walking through the Exhibition & reading all about the history & development of this 'Kult' in the last years was really impressive.