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07. July 2021
'Instincts' is said to be the way people or animals naturally react or behave, without having to think or learn about it. This basically means that it has a lot to do with listening to your inner gut feeling, & then acting upon it. I was recently invited to a friend's Birthday Party whose theme was 'the Animal Print'. This was my first 'official' gathering with people outside of my immediate family & boy was I excited. My 'Animal Print' outfit which I had planned almost a year ago (the...
07. August 2018
Flowy dresses are an essential for Summer & this year's Summer sure is hot. So I imagined myself in such a dress with my hair flowing in the wind & enjoying the summer breeze with a fruity cocktail in my hand. But there's a change of plot here, there's no hair flowing in the wind because I just did another 'Big Chop'. It still needs some time taking used to but am loving it especially during this crazy hot weather.
21. February 2018
What inspires your outfit decisions? For me, of course keeping in mind the weather or what I have planned for the day, most of my inspiration is got from the Internet (Pinterest & Instagram to be exact). I used to also like leafing through glossy fashion magazines but truth be told, I barely have time these days to do that. This outfit was inspired by Kourtney Kardashian, who in my opinion is the best dressed in the whole K. Family. But of course seeing that she paired her look with those...