Mom jeans White shirt Inspiration

What inspires your outfit decisions? For me, of course keeping in mind the weather or what I have planned for the day, most of my inspiration is got from the Internet (Pinterest & Instagram to be exact). I used to also like leafing through glossy fashion magazines but truth be told, I barely have time these days to do that. 

This outfit was inspired by Kourtney Kardashian, who in my opinion is the best dressed in the whole K. Family. But of course seeing that she paired her look with those amazing Celine Mules which I cannot even dream about owning in this lifetime, I toned down my look with my all new & favorite patent boots that I've been wearing every single day for the past 3 weeks. My 'Commes De Garsons' inspired shirt is a DIY that I shared with you guys here previously, an idea that I got from one of my favorite Scandinavian blogger Useless. And as you know me & my life motto of 'more is more', I had to borrow my son's polka dot suspenders to give the whole outfit my individual 'take'.

  • Shirt                           Thrifted  (Ichi) & DIY, option
  • Jeans                         Thrifted (BDG), option
  • Boots                          H&M, option
  • Glasses                      Borrowed from Hubby, option
  • Earrings                    Orsay, option
  • Suspenders              Borrowed from my son (H&M), option