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14. September 2016
3 Course Dinner, Champagne Reception, Live Music, Entertainment & a chance to give back to the Society; there was no way I was going to miss this Event. The Miss Kenya Germany Charity Event at the La Rosa Restaurant was organised by the winners of Miss Kenya Germany Beauty Paegant 2015 & 2016 to raise awareness to their causes & also to raise funds towards their respective Projects.
05. September 2016
It reaches a point in every small scale Business' or Entreprenuer's existence where there is a need to have an increased level in Sales. When you start any Business, every single order that you receive is a milestone that is greatly appreciated. But for any Business to succeed, there needs to be a constant flow of such orders to ensure a continuity in production which in turn means a continued existence for the ┬┤Business.
13. July 2015
Hamburg's weather can be pretty moody and Summer is the time to really experience that. After enjoying some really nice wram & sunny days, it's suddenly started raining and getting cooler everyday. Hubby says that it's good for the Plants but I miss the warmth & sun & am grumpy.