Food Revolution 5.0 Exhibition

Have you ever wondered how 'food' in the future should look like? What are the effects that might arise from our current eating habits & especially in view of the ever decreasing natural resources on our planet at the moment? These are some of the questions that this Exhibition aimed to raise while challenging the global Food Industry on developing changes in as fas as Climate change, water shortages, hunger, poverty, overproduction, food wastage, hygiene & health, nature & technology, land grabbing & urban development, trade agreements, participation & freedom to choose, are concerned.

According to a UN Study, one third of the world's food goes to waste. The largest part thereof in the industrialized nations of the global north. Equally, 925 Million people around the world are threatened by starvation.

Rotting food arranged into elaborate still lives, portrays an abstract picture of the wastage of food whilst the accompanying texts take a more in depth look at the roots of this issue.

The Exhibition has unfortunately ended but I would like to hear your thought especially on 'Food Wastage'. Do you believe in the 'sell-by' date written on foods & do you adhere to it? I would love to hear your thoughts on it.


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