Missed Trains & Opportunities

'Not every opportunity or person that knocks on your door should be let in.' I read this quote somewhere some time back & funnily enough it is only now that am really getting its meaning. At times you pray & actually wish that a certain opportunity should come your way & the excitement that you feel when this happens is unbelievable. But for some crazy reason, you miss the right time to grab the opportunity & you sadly have to watch it slip way.  And after going through the '5 stages of dealing with a loss' (am being a bit over-dramatic here but stay with me), you realize that the opportunity wasn't really that good at all & missing it was actually a blessing disguised as a curse. 


Am holding up a glass of wine in one hand as I type this as a tribute to all those 'opportunities' that I might have missed or watched slipping away & am saying, ''good riddance''....Cheers & wish you all a lovely weekend!

  • Top                                 DIY, also worn here, option
  • Skirt                               Gifted, option
  • Heels                             Local boutique, option
  • Bag                                Gifted
  • Earrings                        Bought these while on my trip to China,  option